Photo by Vicky Dinka

Hey all, will keep this brief since I have a baaaaaad habit of rambling :) Just wanted to share a few updates:

Hey all! So, as some of you may have heard via the Twitter, we’ve got a new track coming out on 6/14 called Monoliths and I wanted to take some time to talk about the lyrics for the song, and lyrics in general. …

Is this thing on?

I guess I should begin with the expectation that very few people will read this. As a band, we have been fairly inactive and off the grid for around 10 years now. Our last release, “Golden Silence” (the record I am honestly most proud of to…

The Narrative

The Narrative is a band formed in 2006 by Jesse Gabriel & Suzie Zeldin. We are on an epic music journey together, forever.

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